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Top view of a potpourri container made by sandwiching a layer of walnut between two layers of white ash.

Side view of the walnut and ash potpourri.  This time the colour layer was also turned round.  Dimensions are approximately 6" diameter and  2" high.

This is a terrible photo of a segmented platter made from walnut and white ash.  Platter is about 11" in diameter.

Top view of a square bowl turned from redheart.

Side view of the redheart bowl.  The downturned corners suspend the bottom above the table surface.

Angled view of the redheart bowl.  Dimensions approximately 6"x6"x2"

An egg-shaped box turned from red oak, using a round hinge purchased from Lee Valley Tools.

A view of the oak egg opened.  Eggs stand approximately 4" tall and are about 2" in diameter.


A pair of egg boxes in cherry.

Angled view of a bowl turned from cherry.  The top was left square to preserve the contrasting sapwood stripes along the sides.

Side view of the square topped cherry bowl.  Dimensions approximately 6"x6"x2 1/4"

This square topped bowl turned from granadillo remains one of my favourites.  Again, the top was left square to preserve the contrasting sapwood.  6"x6"x2"

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