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These three views are of a "bi-species" bowl turned from walnut and ash.  Size approx. 6"x6"x2"

The outer bowl is turned inside and out, then the inner bowl outside is turned to nest inside it.  The two are glued together and then the inside of the inner bowl is turned.

These three views are of another "bi-species" bowl from padauk and cherry.  The bi-species nature of the bowl remains a secret until the lid is removed.

Size is approx. 


Another walnut and ash bi-species bowl.  Size approx. 5.5"x5.5"x2"


This lacewood bowl was intended to be a bi-species lidded bowl but I turned through the bottom of the inner bowl.  After turning the rest of the inner bowl away I managed to save the outer bowl.

This is a small octagon shaped lidded bowl from walnut and maple.  The knob facets were formed with a hand plane after it was turned.

Size approximately 


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