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Update Nov. 30, 2008:  While the steps shown on this page do work for sanding the interior it is a tedious and time consuming process since you need to stop and re-mount the piece 4 times.  A much better, faster, and safer method is to sand the interior using a drum sander in the drill press or, even better if available, an oscillating spindle sander.


Added Photo:  Sanding interior with OSS



I installed my step jaws on my Talon chuck.



Photo #5:Step jaws installed.


I mounted the blank on the chuck by expanding the jaws inside the hole.



Photo #6:Blank mounted for sanding inside the holes.


I was then able to sand inside the holes to remove any marks left by the sawtooth bit.



Photo #7:Sanding the holes.


I rotated the piece to grip on all four holes and sanded about half way in to the centre on each mounting.



Photo #8:Faster shutter speed.


Alternatively, you can use a 1Ē drum sander mounted in an electric drill to sand the interior.That is faster and keeps your fingers out of harmís way.



Photo 8b:Sanding with drum sander.


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