Segmented Clocks




The Rewards of Procrastination


A Pictorial Article by Bob Hamilton


          I actually started out to clean my shop.  Really!  Unfortunately, in the first corner I started to clean I discovered a bag containing half a dozen clock kits that I don’t even remember buying.  Somehow, making a few clocks sounded WAY more interesting than cleaning.


Photo #1:  One of the clock kits


This is a picture of one of the clock kits I found.   It is complete with face, hands, movement, and the battery IS included.  The shrink wrap packaging was a bit of a problem when it came to getting the hands out, though.  I am glad that I did not want to use the second hands on these clocks, because I don’t think I managed to get even one of them out without damaging it.  I had some walnut and maple around, so that is what I chose to make the clocks from.  I milled some of the walnut to ¾” thick and some to ½” thick.  The maple I milled to a bit over 1/8” thick.  All of it was ripped to 2” width.



Photo #2:  Setting up to cut the mitres               Photo #3:  First end trimmed


          I made a stop block for my mitre saw with the end trimmed to the 22.5° angle required for the octagons.  I cut the end of the stock to the angle, then flipped it edge for edge, slid it down to the stop and made the second cut.



Photo #4:  Stock flipped and slid to stop            Photo #5:  First segment cut


          After each cut the stock was flipped and slid down to the stop for the next cut.  It didn’t take long to get a pile of segments.


Photo #6:  Parts cut for several clocks


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