Turning a Lidded Bowl


A pictorial article by Bob Hamilton


          An internet friend had most generously sent me a turning blank of 8/4 East Indian Rosewood that was about 5”x5” square.  I wanted to make something special with this most special piece of wood.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to make a lidded bowl.  When I posted pictures of the final bowl on the info exchange forum at the Woodworker's Website Association a few members asked me to show how I did it.  The pictures in this article are not the original bowl, but one I made later from walnut and maple.



Photo #1:  Finding centre                                    Photo #2: Mounting hole


          I started out with a piece of 8/4 walnut about 6”x6”.  I used a marking gauge to lay out the centre and made a starting hole with an awl.  Then I bored a chucking recess about ˝” deep using a 1” forstner bit.



Photo #3:  Ready to mount                                 Photo #5:  Chucking recess laid out


          The 1” recess fits over the first step of the #1 jaws on my Oneway chuck and the face of the blank seats against the second step.  With the blank mounted on the lathe I made a couple of light passes to true up the outside face and then used dividers to lay out the chucking recess for reverse mounting on my #2 jaws.



Photo #5:  Chucking recess cut                          Photo #6:  Starting to shape the bottom


          I cut the recess for the chuck jaws, slightly undercutting the side walls for the “dovetail” grip.  Then I can start to shape the bottom of the bowl.


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