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Photo 7:  Bottom mounted


The bottom part of the potpourri is now mounted onto the screw chuck in preparation for turning the outside bottom surface.


Photo 8:  Chucking recess cut


I use my 4-jaw scroll chuck in expanding mode to mount these pieces for turning the upper surfaces.  This picture shows the recess I have cut into the bottom in order to mount it on the chuck.  I make the recess about 3/16" deep


Photo 9:  Bringing down to round


I have started to bring the workpiece down to round, cutting from the centre out to the edges.  I want to leave some slight flats at the top of the walnut layer to aid in aligning the top when it is glued on.  That area is where you see the black mark in some of the photos


Photo 10:  Bottom ready for sanding


I have completed turning the bottom and it is now ready for sanding.  Sharp eyes will notice a slight gap along the glue line between the walnut and butternut.  This blank came from the end of the original board and I must have gotten some planer snipe that I didn't notice during my original glue-up.  I have worked some cyanoacrylate glue into the crack and sanded to get some sawdust for filler. 


Photo 11:  Bottom sanded


I have finished sanding the bottom and am now ready to apply the finish.  There is still some white showing in the gap which is from the accelerator I used on the cyanoacrylate.  I hope the finish will hide it.  On the lathe bed you can see the 2" power sanding disk that I used to sand the inside of the chucking recess


Photo 12:  Bottom finished


The finish has been applied and the white has disappeared.  On the lathe bed you can see the 3" power sanding disk that I used when sanding the outside of the potpourri


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