Triangle Tea Lights

A Pictorial Article by Bob Hamilton


            A turner named Horst Hohoff from Germany posted a picture in the Sawmill Creek turning forum of what he called a Nussecke in December of 2006.  It was a triangular candle holder that used a glass insert to hold the candle.  It stuck in my mind and I finally decided to try turning a triangle.  These ones are quite a bit smaller than Horst’s and just use an ordinary tea light candle.  This is the way I did mine which is not intended to imply that it is the only way or even the right way. 


            I started out by cutting a couple of triangles from a piece of red oak that was laying around.  It was about 4” wide and 1 ¾” thick.  I cut them on the mitre saw with an angle setting of 30 degrees to produce two equilateral triangles.



Photo #1:  End of stock cut to 30 degrees.                   Photo #2:  Preparing to cut the first triangle.


            Once I had my triangles cut I marked the mid point of all three sides and then used a square to extend the line in to the middle of the triangles.  The intersection of the three lines is the center of the triangle.  I bored a 1” hole in each triangle to use to mount them on the lathe using the step jaws on my Oneway chuck.



 Photo #3:  Finding the center of the triangles.             Photo #4:  Mounting holes bored.


            With the blank mounted on the lathe I started by taking a few light passes across the face to true it up.  I then cut a tenon in the middle to use to mount the blank with the other face out.


100_7985-400.jpg    100_7988-400.jpg

Photo #5:  Blank mounted using expanding mode.       Photo #6:  Tenon cut on bottom of blank.


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