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An assorted collection of bowls and plates.

A pair of small goblets with captive rings.

This is the goblet on the right in the previous picture.

A small piece of walnut that was mounted off centre for turning.

The same piece viewed from the end.  The piece was offset towards one edge when mounted for turning.

Here you can see the relative size and the mounting recess that was used for the turning.

Another eccentric turning.  This time the small piece of maple was mounted offset towards one corner of the original square blank.

This is a small candleholder made from a piece of cherry.

The pair of candleholders.

A fairly large bowl from hard maple.  Dimensions approximately 14" in diameter and 2 1/2" high.

A bowl turned from mulberry, approximately 11"x 3"

Another view of the mulberry bowl in the previous picture.

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